About Us

With tasteful interior design ranging from chic and shiny contemporary abodes to corporate spaces and everything in-between, let us help you realise your Interior Design dreams.


Larson Interior Architectures, our chief interior designer, has more than ten years’ experience in the Interior Design industry, having worked with and learnt a great deal from some of the top designers in the industry.

He decided to start his own business with a view of making the process and services available more affordable, and that is how Larson Interior Architectures came into being.

All designs are exclusive and moulded to the client’s needs. We work with existing furniture and fittings if that is part of the spec, but often furniture and accessories are custom-made or sourced from some of the most delectable modern and antique catalogues on earth. It’s all about the client.

Whether you have a shoestring or a larger budget, we can create a perfect interior to suit your style. Whether it’s an entire house, only one room, an office or a hotel, our interior designer will find a look that suits you!

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