Quick Seasonal Interior Design Changes for Summer

16 Oct Quick Seasonal Interior Design Changes for Summer

As we head into the heat of summer many people get an itchy feeling prompting them to change their interiors of their homes to better suit the season. You may still have dark colours and heavy fabrics up from last winter; now is the time to overall your soft furnishings and make a few quick and easy changes that will transform your home decor with light summer vibrancy.

Switch soft furnishings

Remove heavy blankets, rugs and dark coloured cushion covers, opting instead for light covers in thin weaves. Curtains and cushion covers in light or bright colours should be made of cool fabrics such as silk and cotton. Store heavy window dressings until next year.

Bold patterns should also be changed for finer designs in delicate shades.

Buy flowers

Flowers are ideal decoration in spring and summer. I love placing a vase of flowers in the fireplace, totally lifting that normally sooty grate out of wintery associations. Choose flowers and plants that are in season in your part of the world. Not only does this reduce the air miles and cost of your flowers but they’ll also offer greater associations with the changing of the seasons.

Paint your furniture

Don’t be scared to alter your furniture, it really is worth the effort and can be easily changed again next season. Side tables or dining chairs can be painted white or in pretty pastel shades to give them an instantly summery appearance. It makes such a difference to clear away any dark shades during summer helping to give a light and airy impression even when it comes to heavy furniture.

Drape coloured throws over dark sofas and chairs- they don’t have to completely cover them, imagine a shabby, thrown together appearance of many colourful things on top of each other.

Tidy up outdoor areas

Anticipate and facilitate outdoor dining and summer evening drinks by tidying up your outdoor space (if you’re lucky enough to have some). Sweep up leaves and debris and invest in a table, however small, to put outside. Stock up on plenty of candles and inexpensive oil lamps so you have beautiful soft lighting when the sun finally goes down. Provide cushions to sit on and light blankets- remember everything can be cleaned. Throw windows and doors open (putting screens in place to stop bugs getting in) and merge inside and out.

When it comes to design don’t be afraid to try things out. With these small changes it’s easy to change up the design of your home regularly at very little cost.

We’ll give you more hot tips for transitioning from summer into autumn next year!